Namaste England Movie Review, Rating And Story


Namaste England Movie Review, Rating And Story:‘Namaste England’, the Arjun Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra starrer, has been creating a lot of buzz since its inception. The two stars seemed to have won fans over with their adorable antics and their fun-filled on-screen love story.

Namaste England Movie Review, Rating And Story
Namaste England Movie Review, Rating And Story

Story of Namaste England Movie

A story of a Punjabi boy who fell in love and then married to an independent girl. For freedom and fulfill her dreams, the girl left Punjab and her husband and go to London. The guy also makes his trip to London to meet his wife, support her and bring her back home. The story follows the romance, marriage and journey of that Punjabi boy.

Review From Times Of India

2.0 out of 5

Love makes you do strange things and sometimes the unconventional too. But, getting embroiled in illegal immigration for the sake of your love, does seem a bit far-fetched. ‘Namaste England’ is the story of a happily married couple who get caught up in a strange adventure. They want to relocate to London, leaving behind a comfy life in Punjab, just because the wife, Jasmeet, isn’t allowed to have a career. The seemingly progressive couple, take some bizarre decisions in life, ones that actually take their relationship to a breaking point. The story does have an underlying message, but the lackluster writing and direction aren’t able to explore the true potential of the film.

Review From Indian Express

1 Out of 5

Namaste England is just a plain bad film, in which the ‘desis’ who live in the UK are poor misguided souls, and the real ‘desis’, especially those from good ‘ol Punjab, will rescue the world.

The first half has ‘gaana’ in ‘ganne ke khet’ and standard banter in what passes for Bollywood’s idea of rural Punjab. And a strict ‘bauji’ and ‘veerji’ watching strictly over Jasmeet (Chopra). No, she can’t work. No, she can’t romance. Except she does both, because she has Param (Kapoor), the ‘gabru jawan’ whose sole aim in life is to support his Jasmeet’s single-minded ambition, which is to get a ‘residency’ in the UK.



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