These 10 Low Budget Bollywood Movies Have Earned Crores Of Rupees


We all see different types of movies. But the demand for Bollywood movies is
seen in our country and also in abroad. The superhit films also earns in crores. But there are few such low budget movies which have earned millions of crores of rupees. So let’s start.

10. Taare Zameen Par

The budget of Aamir Khan’s this film was ₹120 crore. But this film total earned about ₹889 crore.

9. No One Killed Jessica

Rani Mukerji starrer this film’s budget was ₹90 crore. This movie earned about ₹580 crore.

8. Kahaani

Through this film, Vidya Balan performed her beautiful acting. 80 Million rupees film has earned a total of 1.04 Billion rupees.


7. Peepli Live

In 2010, this small film made a lot of money. 46 crore film earned 75 crore rupees.


6. Paan Singh Tomar

This short film also looked very amazing. The budget of this film was ₹ 70 Million. But it has earned a total of ₹201 Milion crore



5. Vicky Donor

It was a different kind of Bollywood movie. The 5 crore rupees film earned about 64.5 crore rupees.

4. Aashiqui 2

This was the first superhit film of Shraddha Kapoor. The movie was very much liked by the audience. This 15 crore rupees budget movie had earned ₹109 crore.

3. Toilet: Ek Prem Katha

Akshay Kumar has made many different types of films in Bollywood. In this movie, actress Bhumi pednekar was seen with him. The budget of the film was ₹18 crore. But the film has so far earned about ₹311 crore.

2. Queen

Queen was at the top of the hit films of 2014. In this movie, Kangana Ranaut performed her beautiful acting. The film, made at a cost of 12.5 crore rupees and earned a total of ₹188 crore.


1. Secret Superstar

Now let’s talk about number 1. Aamir Khan’s film, Secret Superstar, was released on 2017. This film has the highest earnings among all the low budget films in Bollywood. The 15 crore rupees film has so far earned about ₹290 crore. That’s really amazing.




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